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What does Link Building Pro do?

Every time someone selects and copies text on your website, this script will automatically append a link giving you credit. The following screenshot shows this paragraph pasted into an IM, but you can try yourself by copy / pasting any paragraph from this site.

Screen Shot of Link Building Pro

For a 4kb file that can be implemented by adding a single line of code, that should be enough. But in case it's not, here are some serious SEO perks and further details:

  1. The link back to you can use a random keyword from your meta tags, or the title of the page. In other words, these links won't just give you pagerank, they give you credibility for your target keywords. (Focused anchor text is the single most important factor for high search engine rankings).
  2. The link to the copied page will include a second link, aimed at your home page. This one can either use the Meta Author (giving kudos to your writers), or the domain name (ensuring that even if it's copied into a text-only format, the URL remains readable).
    • Note: If the page being copied from is the home page, the second link will still exist, with both linking to the home page
  3. The script will scan the rest of your page for links, and if any match the text that the user selected, it will inject the copied text with those links. In other words, a single text selection of a couple paragraphs could easily translate into several focused links. This happens under the following conditions:
    • Only URLs from your domain will be linked.
    • No single URL will be linked to more than once.
    • No phrase will be linked with more than once.
    • Phrases will match and link "UPPERCASE", "lowercase", "First letter", and "Title Case" variants of the link text.
    • Phrases can be excluded, and by default "home", "link", and "click here" are.
    • The text will match in reverse order, placing the links at the lowest point in the text selection possible.
  4. You are in control. The javascript file lives on your server, so no one else can sneakily steal your data / stats.
  5. This script will not activate on text within the class "lbExclude". Thus, if you want to allow a clean copy / paste of text (code, for example), you can easily ensure this script doesn't interfere. I have classed this particular bullet point to show you, so feel free to demo the functionality by copying this paragraph. Please note, selecting both excluded and included text will result in citation.
  6. The script should only link entire words or phrases. If there's an alpha-numeric character to the left or right of the match (without a space separating it), then the link won't be made. Thus, a word like "wait" won't link the first half of "waitress".
  7. The script will not activate based on the selection of only a few words. By default, it is set to trigger at 40 characters of selection.

How do I Install it?

I'm glad you asked! First, congratulate yourself on making a good decision. Second, upload the Link Building Pro script to your website, and reference it betwen the <head></head> tags like you would any javascript file. That's it! For reference:

<script src="/link-building-pro-min.js" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"></script>

Compatability / Bugs / Pending

  • Link Building Pro is known to be compatible with Firefox (Mac & PC), Chrome, IE 6 / 7 / 8, and Safari.
  • If you find any bugs, please post them at Get Satisfaction.

Who Built This?

Brett Barros (Latent Motion), in collaboration with an anonymous web marketing agency. For now, we'll call them SEO X.

If you are interested in contracting Barros to build tools (such as this one), or provide innovative SEO solutions, you can contact him via his Boston SEO site.

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These anchors should help demonstrate the auto-linking of paragraphs above. With Link Building Pro, any text copied from the page should inherit the links found throughout the entire page. So...

  • Go back to the top of Link Building Pro.
  • Return to download this script.
  • View the screenshot of Copy / Pasting.
  • If you copy this bullet point, it won't link "click here".
  • Because even though click here is linked on the page, it is in our list of keywords not to link, found in the javascript file.
  • Learn about the benefits it has to SEO or keyword insertion.